Project "Together for Europe"

Representatives of NGO "Youth and Civil Initiatives in the Rose Valley have returned from Italy. They participated in an international conference in the town of Matera, Italy from 12-17 September on the project" Towards a Europe ", which were presented the results of the survey integration and the lives of immigrants in our country.
For three months, young volunteers from the association conducted a survey at the level, which was previously developed by international partners of 9 and made a study of immigration in the country as a whole. Results from the study of all partners will be issued in a booklet that will be distributed in Bulgaria.
Interesting results from the local study were:
- According to data provided by the Municipality of Karlovo, the Municipality territory registered 258 foreign nationals from countries such as: Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, Austria, Vietnam, Norway, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and etc.
- 80% of immigrants responded that they feel at home in Bulgaria, because here have built their homes and families and 73 percent of them do not want to leave Bulgaria, while 46% of respondents Bulgarian citizens responded that imagine the future abroad;
- Bulgaria and immigrants believe that information about other cultures is insufficient, therefore, as a further step in the project plans to organize an Association of Intercultural Dialogue Day in which representatives of local communities and immigrants can present their cultures and traditions.