Youth Exchange in Poland

From September 5th to September 13th, four youth from Karlovo and our Peace Corp volunteer, Roger Schrader went to Garcyn, Poland for the fantastic youth exchange called "ADdiveristy". This youth exchange was on the theme of social advertising and how it can be used to address needs in the local community. Over the course of 9 days, the group, together with groups from Poland, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, and Hungary learned about several European wide issues such as STDs and corruption and three major means of social advertising - losje posters, living library, and flash mobs.
Throughout the youth exchange the group was constantly active. Even before leaving the exchange, the group created a great presentation for the intercultural night and an excellent presentation on STD awareness advertisements. During the exchange they learned through doing different activities such as role plays, games and sketches and finished the exchange by creating their own advertising campaign using the knowledge that they gained from the activities.
It was not just learning. Nearly every evening one or more of the countries hosted a cultural evening, showing off their food, music, dances and everything else that their countries have to offer. The Bulgaria group had put together a good video highlight the historical and natural sites of Bulgaria and prepared some small food items.
The youth exchange was a great time for everyone involved, not just because of the good things they learned but more importantly for the great new friends that they made.