World AIDS Day 2008

The 1 of December is World AIDS Day, a day to bring attention to world wide problem of AIDS/HIV. On this day our organization took part in a local anit-AIDS campaign in Karlovo. We partnered with the Youth Center, Coy Vasil Levski, the municipality of Karlovo, RIOKOZ Plovdiv as well as students from Study Center Intellect. Additional help was also received from Peace Corp Volunteers Joe Kempf in Kalofer and Jenine Melo in Vedrae. Invaluable help was provided by Peace Corp Volunteer Cindy McCoy. Without her leadership this event would not have happened like it did.
For our organization, the focus of the campaign came on 1 December. However we began on the 28th. Our partners from the Municipal Youth Center and Coy Vasil Levski conducted a game show on the theme of HIV/AIDS with students from three of the schools from Karlovo. Doctors from RIOKOZ Plovdiv also conducted free AIDS testing at the same time. In additions students from the schools in Karlovo and Vedrae contributed AIDS themed art work to a gallery that is on display in the Youth Center. That evening, the evening of the 28th, our Peace Corp Volunteer, Roger Schrader, with 3 students from Study Center Intelect passed out around 250 informational brochures and condoms in the cafes and bars in Karlovo.
On 1 December we had our main event in hall Vasil Kraivanov in the the Municipality of Karlovo. We were pleased that Mayor Naiden Naidenov and Vice-Mayor Mr. Karumchev were able to attend. Students Coy Vasil Levski were hosts and students from Study Center Intellect led out in games that were both fun and educational for AIDS/HIV. Later Vili Nacheva from Riokoz Plovdiv had a short and question and answer session on myths, facts, and statistics about AIDS/HIV in Bulgaria. The event ended with a showing of the film Ти Гониш.
We hope that next year we will be even better.