Recent Events

During April 2008, we organized and sent a group of youth to a youth exchange called "Pandomim" on the theme of prejudice in  Mugla, Turkey.

That same month, a representative of our NGO attended a contact making seminar in Manisa, Turkey
. The theme of the seminar was youth and nature.

In May 2008, we sent a group of youth to an youth exchange in Latvia on the theme of "Looking Forward 4 an Open Europe".

June 2008 saw us hosting another Youth Exchange here in Karlovo. Groups from Italy, Lithuania, Turkey, and Portugal came together to have fun, engage in cultural exchange and of course, learn. The theme of the project was Let's Save Young People from Traffic war and the groups exchanged best practices and learned about how to improve traffic safety in their countries.

In August 2008 we sent a group of our youth to a Youth Exchange in Hungaria. "United by Art" - was the topic and young people came from 5 countries - Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia and Italy. The location of the project was Lake Balaton, a beautiful corner of Hungary. The Bulgarian group was represented by Plamen Nazarova, Elena Malakov, Peter Aylakov, Ivailo Mihailovski with leader Lubomir Petrova.
"The Youth exchange in Hungary filed us with very positive emotions and memories, which will last a long time ..." This shared was their share sentiment. The  youth involved from Bulgaria shared traditional songs and dances and contributed through active work on the topic of the project.

  From 14th to September 24, a representative of our NGO and 6 youths  from Karlovo visited the town of  Yashi, Romania, to take part in youth exchange, called the Youth participate in European Mobility Week. " Together with groups from Romania, Italy, Hungary and Poland, they participated in seminars on various topics, to encourage greater concern for the environment. There were workshops for environmental photography, the use of plastic wastes and other materials to create clothes for children show, workshop to create environmental posters, was a theater group that presented the play in environmental orientation and workshop for the mascot of environmental theme . These workshops have become a show for city hall, where you can attend and residents of the municipality.
  In addition to this group of Karlovo exchange best practices with environmental groups from other countries and be informed about the environmental situation there. But that was not all. There was some cross-nights in which a group of Karlovo learn interesting things about other countries and try their food and drinks also established new friendships.

Recently The Alliance for Youth and Civil initiatives in the Rose Valley " had again  two great projects.
Project "United by Art", financed by the Fund "13 Centuries Bulgaria" whole group of children and young people at risk of the Center for public support, Sopot and home for children deprived of parental care "Daskal Botyo" Kalofer and their contemporaries tsentroveta working with children Karlovo and Sopot. Together they will tvoryat on "Tolerance" and the project will end with an exhibition devoted to the International Day of tolarentnostta -16 November, which will be officially opened on Nov. 13 from 14:00 in the Youth Center - the town of Karlovo

Our executive director of the association - Tsvetina Zaharlieva was approved to participate in a training course on "European citizenship" in the city of Reykjavik, Iceland and as the sole representative of the youth sector in Bulgaria for a working visit to European institutions in Brussels,  to present challenges to youth organizations Bulgaria. The visit was part of the direct of the Open Society Institute in Sofia. Working meetings with European Miglena Kuneva, head of the Directorate General for Culture and Youth of the European Commission and MEPs have discussed possibilities for inclusion of Bulgarian NGOs in European platforms.

The Association works actively to stimulate youth activity and is applying for direct direction of a Youth and Information Center, to become attractive to young people from Karlovo municipality and Sopot.

Most recently, a group of young people, representatives of the municipality of Sopot participated in international exchanges "We are not different in the town of Izmir, Turkey. The projects are funded by the program Youth in Action "the European Commission