Our mission


Increasing awareness and activity of young people and citizens of Rose Valley to solving emerging problems


- Creating conditions for activating the role of the young and disadvantaged people in society.
- Encouraging youth activities and events, free exchange of ideas and information, scientific knowledge and intellectual values.
- Support the partnership between youth from different organizations and localities in solving the specific civil, social and environmental problems.


The Association carries out its activities in the public interest and as samoopredelya organization operating for the public benefit in the following areas:

1. Initiation, presentation and promotion of examples of active involvement of youth and the disadvantaged in all spheres of public activity.
2. Participation and assistance in the implementation of initiatives, projects and programs.
3. Conducting courses, seminars, conferences and other forms of training and promotion of positive practices associated with the main activity of the association.
4. Building and maintaining a database of information related to the activities of MGIRD and its members.

MGIRD will do the following additional business-related main activities:

1. Publishing and translation activities - preparation, translation, publishing and distribution of printed material, multimedia products, etc.;.
2. Educational activity - organization and holding of conferences, seminars and other forms of training;
3. Organization of the recreation of students, coupled with education and conservation activities: ekolageri, green schools touring letuvane and others.
4. Other businesses that are not prohibited by law and which could be defined as relating to the principal business of MGIRD and help achieve its objectives.
me of our society.

We are an accredited sending and hosting organization for Action 2 – European Voluntary Service of the “Youth in Action” Programme and are looking forward to partnering with organizations.

We remain open for different partnerships which will contribute to fostering European citizenship, environmental consciousness, active youth inclusion in social life and providing equal chances for all.